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Reaching out: Fan of giving communicates a community need

Newspaper’s gift fund ‘deserves our ongoing support’


“We help companies, communities, organizations, agencies and coalitions communicate better,” Linda Brandt said.

Brandt believes FLORIDA TODAY’s Reaching Out Holiday Fund not only effectively communicates the need to help local children, but also delivers as expected, so she makes a point to give each year.

“This is a very well-organized, well-orchestrated, kind-hearted program of FLORIDA TODAY, and it deserves our ongoing support,” she said.

She realizes that while the toys and books the Reaching Out Holiday Fund distributes can’t fulfill all the needs in a child’s life, they can go a long way.

“They serve to bring joy on an important day in the life of a child and save many children from broken hearts at Christmas,” she said. “It may make some other things they face a little easier.”

Brandt is a big fan of community-shared efforts such as the Reaching Out Fund.

“Efforts such as this bring out the best in us,” she said. “Everyone carries a little of the load, and no one tries to carry too much of the load, which is an unsustainable proposition.”

In addition to the Holiday Fund, the Brandt family supports organizations that promote the arts, culture and a sense of heritage. Her company also helps nonprofits to communicate better and resolve tactical issues.

“It’s such a small thing we can do with such a huge personal reward,” Brandt said.

The FLORIDA TODAY Reaching Out Holiday Fund benefits Brevard County families who need assistance in providing gifts for their children during the holiday season. All donations are used to purchase new toys and books that are distributed to families with children ages 15 and younger.

Written by
Maria Sonnenberg | For FLORIDA TODAY

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