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Brandt Ronat Recognized by Brevard Heritage Council

May 25, 2007—Merritt Island, FL
Brandt Ronat + Company’s (BR+C) headquarters at 60 McLeod Street, Merritt Island, was recognized by the Brevard Heritage Council for the renovation and recovery of a vintage building. The Brevard Heritage Council is an organization dedicated to the historical preservation of Brevard County. Founded in 1989, Brevard Heritage Council strives to encourage preservation, education, restoration, maintenance and responsible renovation of vintage properties. The architect for the 60 McLeod property was Craig Suman of Holeman Suman Architects, Inc. Edward Jaynes Company, a Merritt Island general contractor and remodeling specialist, handled the renovations. Nominations were reviewed by an independent architect who specializes in historic homes.

“Our vision was to create a unique environment which would reflect our sensibilities, allow our employees to accomplish the strategic brand development, design and fabrication work of our firm, while providing for increased capabilities to clients. We also saw a way to help preserve the historic character of Brevard County and enhance our neighborhood in the Merritt Island redevelopment area,” said Linda Brandt, President and co-owner of BR+C.

The historic building began as a two-story house built in the 1920s and at some point was connected to a 1960s-era house to create a 3,600-plus sq. ft. space. The architect designed a repetition of arched openings to the front of the building to provide ADA access while preserving the 1920s Mediterranean Revival design.

Brandt Ronat + Company (BR+C) is a mature firm known for creating brand strategies and high-quality communications solutions, advertising and collateral systems for clients in financial, health and wellness, space and technology, community infrastructure, real estate development and retail. Recent work with Health First, The Viera Company, Gatto’s Tires and Auto Service, The Bank Brevard, Community Educators Credit Union, Space Foundation (Colorado) and Our Families Our Future (Wyoming) involves reaching customers in hard-to-capture categories or circumstances and in complex environments where messaging is a challenge.

The Brevard Heritage Council office, located on 801 Dixon Blvd., Suite 1110 in Cocoa, Fla., is a self-funded, non-profit organization that recognizes properties throughout Brevard County which have fulfilled these requirements.

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