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Brandt Ronat was pleased to support Mindspot Research and their client salesfloorLIVE™

salesfloorLIVE™ is a dynamic, innovative business intelligence tool for the retail industry. They provide business intelligence solutions that work in combination with people counting software and technology to deliver real-time visibility to store operations, traffic opportunities, individual and team KPI metrics, performance-based scheduling and predictive analytics.

•the ability to supercharge the effectiveness of your existing people counter
•real-time data & visibility to your store operations
•access from all levels of the organization
•integrated performance-based staff scheduling capability
•rationale for timely and relevant strategic actions
•increased sales staff productivity
•optimized store labor schedule to the sales (traffic) opportunity
•technology design that works with a multitude of traffic and customer counter systems
•the ability to measure performance against objectives
•up-to-date KPI trend comparisons across the entire hierarchy of your chain
•predictive analytics to drive higher growth in customer value
•remote accessibility to all authorized users
•sustainable organic growth through increased operating expertise
•tools to stay on top of your customers’ buying trends
•transparent accountability
•the ability to understand what is working and develop best practices

Let salesfloorLIVE™ give you the power to improve your store operations, optimize your customer relationships and maximize your profits.

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salesfloor LIVE tradeshow booth for NRF 2010

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SalesfloorLIVE Brochure

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