Identity Development

b r + c has proven brand identity-building experience, helping many startups get their feet on the ground firmly, and helping establish market presence for niche retail, technology products, software, national B-to-B symposium and conference events, cultural festivals, coalitions and other community-based strategic issues/efforts, and nonprofit community benefit organizations.

Visually rethinking, revamping, updating or in some strategic way helping a company, organization, community or coalition meet new demands and rebrand to help empower and direct new efforts is a b r + c area of expertise. b r + c first and always establishes a significant rationale for rebranding before any forward action is contemplated.

Analysis of brand, brand audits, collateral review, internal communications review and needs analysis inquiries are some of the ways in which we help clients determine if there is need to change and if so, the direction and scope of adjustment.

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