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Outsourcing advertising overseas: Is it of benefit to the European buyer?

BUSINESS MANAGERS AROUND THE WORLD ARE NOW COMFORTABLE OUTSOURCING LEFT-BRAIN ACTIVITIES TO INDIA OR ASIA,making the most of the automated and highly efficient production skills available in those areas. Outsourcing right-brain activities to the United States makes just as much business sense.

European companies should strongly consider outsourcing their marketing services to the highly creative workforce in the United States—taking advantage of a beneficial exchange rate. The world has entered a new era, dubbed ‘Globalization 3.0’.

“The service sector (telemarketing, accounting, computer programming, engineering and scientific research, etc.), will be further outsourced to the English-spoken abroad; manufacturing, meanwhile, will continue to be off-shored to China,” says Thomas L. Friedman, author of “The World is Flat”. “Globalization 3.0,” Friedman states, “Is driven not by major corporations or giant trade organizations like the World Bank, but by individuals: desktop freelancers and innovative startups all over the world who can compete—and win—not just for low-wage manufacturing and information labor but, increasingly, for the highest-end research and design work as well.”

Daniel Pink, author of “A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age” agrees. “I think the United States offers a very hospitable soil in which these creative abilities can take root. That’s less true of other parts of the world. The United States isn’t perfect—but you’d be hard-pressed to find a country nimbler or more accepting of risk.”

Finding a company literate in both the language of international business and communication is critical. Evaluating firms located in another country can be challenging, as direct comparisons can be difficult, if not impossible.

Outsourcing can be intimidating at first, but there are rewards —companies have more time to focus on development and overall operations, lowering costs and increasing results. Businesses that navigate the challenges ahead will gain a competitive edge.

“Truly great ideas transcend different peoples, cultures, and business perspectives. Successful companies embrace this new reality. Now the financial markets recognize and reward it,” emphasizes Travis.

“The answer is to forge strategic personal relationships with all the different players that are part of your global alliance. Such personal relationships, especially among the top leaders of your alliance partners, foster communication, reliability, and the informal consultation that can attenuate problems long before they become disputes,” states Tom Travis, author of “Doing Business Anywhere: The Essential Guide to Going Global.” “More importantly, these relationships frequently result in innovations and reconfigurations that can lead to greater success.”

There are many outsourcing options out there. The best results will be achieved by working with a company that has the experience, willingness, and know-how to achieve your marketing goals. The proper match will enable faster and more efficient execution. Benefit from an infusion of fresh ideas and get the most for your marketing budget.

Brandt Ronat + Company (BRC) is a mature marketing solutions firm located on the east coast of the US in Florida, and along with domestic clients the company has met outreach needs in the United Kingdom, Bahamas, Bermuda, France, Puerto Rico, South America, United States, and the Virgin Islands.

BRC uses a process called Analytical Creative™, which paves the way to a successful client relationship, illustrating how objectives will be met each step of the way. The company’s process-based case studies demonstrate a tested formula for achieving meaningful results.

BRC is known for creating brand strategies and high-value message development, sustainable communications and advertising systems for clients in financial, health and wellness, space and technology, community infrastructure, real estate development and retail. Recent work often involves reaching customers in hard-to-capture categories or circumstances and in complex environments where messaging is a challenge.

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