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OUTDOOR Bright Idea

CALIFORNIA’S PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC (PG&E) RECENTLY FLIPPED THE SWITCH ON WHAT THEY SAY IS THE NATION’S FIRST SOLAR-POWERED BILLBOARD. Topped with 20 solar panels and using less than a third of the energy that billboards with Holophane lights do, the billboard is located in San Francisco, right off the busting Highway 101 9th Street exit.

Emblazoned with the tagline “This is not a billboard. It’s a power plant,” the billboard was the brainchild of PG&E, whose execs went to CBS Outdoor with the original idea to convert the billboard into an electricity-making machine. Since being turned on in early December 2007, the billboard has been generating 3.4 kilowatts of energy on California’s sunny days, enough to power the average American household—even after using some of the power to keep its own lights on at night.

PG&E execs say they are currently looking into ways to partner with CBS Outdoor and any other outdoor companies interested in “going solar”. We see a fine green-washing opportunity for Clear Channel.

Source: January 2008 Media Magazine

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