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Most def! Hi-def Holograms

WHEN I WAS AROUND SEVEN YEARS OLD, I clearly remember telling my mom how cool it would be if TV was projected into our living room with a total 3-D viewing of the entire scene. I mean, how true to life could it be, the experience itself, to have actual size actors standing there in your room, the action sequences and all the scene or set would totally surround your space and you are free to move around in the middle of what you are viewing… awesome.

Day by day, my dreams are becoming more and more a true possibility. Yet today, I see holograms as a whole new medium or platform of design possibilities. Imagine the range of usage encompassing events, marketing, advertising, and promotions. With the rate our technology advances, it could be the very near future whereas holograms would be an affordable ‘element’ to include within many experiential design possibilities whether from branding to theatrics to architecture… usage seems limitless, well, once affordable. But I do see the day soon where one could project a 3-D motion scene in an area of their home, purely as an esthetic such as lighting or a lamp or vase, awesome.

Some current findings:

Brand mogul genius Target gave NYC’s Grand Terminal a virtual fashion stage.

The clothing line Diesel took the concept of a fashion show into a new dimension this past summer with its Liquid Space Collection. This was a first in which holograms were projected onto the catwalk within models intertwining and they could be viewed from both sides.

(it takes almost 4-mins to get to the meat of hologram play)

Holographic Fashion Show

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