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Brandt Ronat continues to push the creative envelope

“I have worked with Brandt Ronat & Company over several years with credible results. This includes advertising campaign development; program management and strategic media planning with execution over multiple rollouts; media buys of different complexities and budget sizes involving inventive media mixes using both traditional and new emerging media options. Brandt Ronat & Company continues to push the creative envelope on what is possible to attain from a medium. They are innovative in their uses of media and diligent in tracking the results. They have been front runners in exploring new technologies to the benefit of their clients. They are professional and capable in producing creative that is well targeted, monitoring technical quality at all times, with timely delivery and documentation. They have a fine-tuned knowledge of area media opportunities.”
— Bonnie Campion (Custom Publishing Specialist, FLORIDA TODAY Communications)

Bonnie Campion Florida Today Letter of Recommendation

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