Social/Digital Experience

Communications today means utilizing digital distribution, new technologies and social connections.

Our experience includes local, regional and State of Florida campaign efforts combining SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with pay‐per‐click and successfully utilizing behaviorally targeted campaigns, to reach into and capture narrow targets within specific geographies.

Most of our efforts today involve a mixed list of traditional media with non‐traditional, and paid and unpaid venues for messages, and depend on strategically building pathways for adoption, enhanced numbers of viewers, followers and friends. We have highly integrated campaigns that mix traditional media in numbers of ways with new media, sweepstakes and other efforts to increase engagement, email signups and inquiries.

For the Space Coast Office of Tourism, we have recently used Facebook Pay-Per-Click advertising, Yahoo behaviorally targeted online advertising as well as developed the creative and the programming to conduct Facebook sweepstakes. For Brevard Workforce, we have an integrated marketing effort that makes especially effective use of web support strategies and in particular of video assets on a branded YouTube channel linked to web and social postings to draw candidates for training and other services, including business services.

Our work with the Cultural Marketing Initiative has created the need to serve multiple parties in an ever changing set of demands, using both traditional buying power and the inventive, hands‐on handling of paid and unpaid options to support a rapidly changing landscape of events, with very different audiences, from the Valiant Air Command to the Brevard Zoo, in the same timeframe utilizing differently targeted pieces of the same buy.

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