UTC Innovation Center: Demonstrate the power
Marty Hauser Review Page



The UTC Innovation Center is designed to immerse visitors in information, delivering sights, sounds and interactive exhibits that demonstrate the power of UTC’s signature products and technologies.


FACEBOOK Short Description (155 characters max):

UTC’s Innovation Center delivers information, immersing visitors in the sights and sounds that demonstrate the power of UTC’s products and technologies. 


Design example #1: FACEBOOK Cover Photo with Profile Picture (landscape requirements included – a proof of the Profile pic and Cover Pic as sent to Marty Hauser):


Asset Samples.



Info Graphics for Social Posts (examples):


FACEBOOK—Cover photos with profile pictures (pdf) here 


FACEBOOK—Cover photos with profile pictures and key text and with landscape requirements shown here


FACEBOOK setup details matrix (Word doc) here


FACEBOOK both short (155 characters)  and long (limited by environment and viewer tolerance) descriptions (Word doc) here


Photo assets – photos optimized for timeline posts (504 x 504 pixels) here (resources to date) (pdf) here


Tab Page 1 – social linkage (low rez jpg, zoom to review, actual is built by us directly in FACEBOOK)


Tab Page 2 – Demonstrate the power (showcasing Innovation Center features) IN PROGRESS


Social Post Guide (Word doc) IN PROGRESS here


Description Resources for Innovation Center (various links and inclusions) (Word doc) SUBJECT TO APPROVAL here








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