Analytical Creative

Diagnosis—takes into consideration your information, existing research and expert points of view and adds to it our research and analysis in order to form next steps based on valid assumptions out of adequate evidence.

Strategies—a comprehensive forward-planning stage in which such things as brand attribute, cohesive messages, tactics, media and such specific assignments as brand introduction, coalition development, facility rollout or product launch are characterized, specified, budgeted and timed.

Strategic Intersection—a visuals supported stop-and-review point that saves time, money and misunderstanding later, puts everyone on the same page early and guarantees client leadership team is thoroughly briefed and pre-approves major creative direction we are recommending and why.

Apply—Rooted in our research and guided by the spirit of the Strategic Intersection, we now begin to develop collateral that supports the plan developed in stage two.

Sustain—report, recalibrate, refine, re-apply.


brandt ronat + company employs analytical creative—an evidence-based, collaborative approach in planning and creative development to maximize possibilities for clients.  We believe the ‘margins’ are in developing a meaningful approach and executing that approach internally and externally.

Analytical Creative Process

With attention to analytical first steps, dialogue with stakeholders, coalition building and strategic focus before execution, we have gained the trust of clients—especially those who want to see more dynamic creative, with better strategic vision at the top of the development cycle to help guide decisions, budgets and the future.

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