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Time Served is an official selection of the Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, Directed by our very own Bill Ronat

And just what exactly is “Time Served”? It is a 27 page Sci-Fi script written by Titusville’s own Tony Walters that has been produced by Eric Emerick (editor), Tony Walters, Bill Williams from A Cut Above Video (DP), and Taylor Benzie (producer). Robbie Sparks (camera), and William Ronat (director) also joined the principal production team. The shooting has concluded, finished in March of 2010. We entered the Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival in 2010 and earned Best Florida Made Short Film, an honor for which we are grateful. Everyone involved gave freely of their time and self, and we are grateful. Come in and get a taste of what it was like. Thanks, and enjoy!

Time Served from Eric Emerick on Vimeo.

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