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Learn more about our Art Director, Mr. Julian Bennett

Julian’s design and illustration work has been awarded on a local, regional and national basis.

Julian coined the phrase that we live by: Analytical Creative. It is the basis of our approach. All decision-makers and team contributors are required to understand the critical keys in client research, the nature of the competition, the features and benefits of products/services, and the barriers to action which clients face.

With five years of freelance and an internship with the Motorola marketing department in South Florida, Julian was already experienced before he officially entered the professional arena in 1987. He then spent ten years with Gannett where he became the Graphic Design Manager, and led the team working on graphic design for strategic marketing and brand development for Florida Today’s features, departments, advertising, promotions and internal communications. He also created brand identities for acquired newspaper start-ups for The Gannett Company.

Julian joined brandt ronat + company in 1997 and has shown an unusual affinity for technical issues and graphics software, taking illustration, image manipulation and color management technology to new heights. Behind the scenes, he solves issues inherent in mining technology’s new frontiers.

Julian is responsible for many of our finest  brand personalities, including the Green Turtle Market, Essentials Spa, Bridges, V Com 3-D, Hospital de la Concepcion, ferrazano and many others.

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