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Targeting prospective home buyers and home sellers for the Town of Viera, we helped develop, brand and promote a sales center that could showcase a broad range of offerings, from luxury estates to multi-family options and accommodate multiple visiting groups at the same time, from golf community empty nesters to young families with elementary children.

Creating the Customer Experience

The Viera Company brought brandt ronat + co into the process early–with the architects–to infuse a marketing perspective into the creation of the new Home Discovery Center and ensure that decisions would be focused on the full brand experience of buying a home or selling a home, within a busy working environment of both buyers and sellers.

A needs assessment survey to key real estate sales professionals revealed how they worked best and what their customers desired in the buying experience. Armed with the survey results and intimate knowledge of the offerings, brandt ronat + co created custom tools, including a dramatic interactive map which easily allowed sellers to show offerings (or buyer unassisted to learn).

Selling With Technology

The interactive was planned to reveal specific layers of information, such as locations of parks, walking trails and preserves, shopping, schools and churches, healthcare options and current sales options within Viera—answering a number of questions in one spot but allowing for custom navigation based on customer preferences.

The Home Discovery Center needed to be welcoming, of course, but significantly, support the sales process—determining visitor traffic patterns, providing a digital sign-in, leading to the interactive site-plan kiosks and ending in comfortable, restaurant-inspired semi-private seating areas which could accommodate several prospective groupings and make the initial learning process less formal or intimidating.

Through a tour of 70 years of the founding Duda family’s history and contributions to Brevard—from farmers and ranchers to city builders—a history room on site illuminates the deep regard for the area and the values that built the community.

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The Viera Company Home Discovery Center Blueprint
The Viera Company Home Discovery Center Interactive
The Viera Company Home Discovery Center Kiosk
The Viera Company Home Discovery Center Exterior

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