Health First – Cardiac

YOUR HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT HEALTH FIRST is at the center of the campaign which followed the opening of the Heart Center.

Target imagery was elected to resonate with the thought focused clearly and centrally on those loved ones for whom you may have cardiac concerns or that may currently need cardiac care, creating circles of concern and caring.

This was always directed back to ‘your physician’ to bring that circle to meaningful conversations and assist in decisions.

These ads are so well conceived and constructed that they are able to handle, without confusion, a number of significant inititiatives, including invitations to heart-healthy lectures and classes.

Additionally, there is an effort here to integrate a picture of Health First as having 6000 plus caring employees at many well-located facilities across the geo. There are many strategies within the messages that try to address particular needs of the organization in terms of community perceptions.





HealthFirst_Cardiac_Portfolio_3 HealthFirst_Cardiac_Portfolio_4


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