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Many of Harris Corporation’s high-level customers only interact with a single division, creating an awareness gap of the full capabilities of the company. While the company is widely respected, it is not as widely understood—which is true of many of our greatest corporate contributors.

BR+C’s challenge was to close the gap.

Our assignment was to bring divergent capabilities together in one campaign, as one Harris, provide that wider cohesive view and deliver it to a hand-picked, highly cultivated list of Harris prospects and visualize those messages in a special opportunity—a series of (6) 8-panel Coverwraps for Forbes Magazine.

We looked at the globally competitive market in key Harris arenas. We analyzed best communications practices by competitive or similarly divided companies. We discovered best practices in defining, uniting, inspiring and relating to customers. We talked to Harris division leaders.

From our examination, diagnosing and strategy assessments, we create a single threaded visual approach—a visual metaphor for the Harris entity as a whole. We elected inclusions that helped us all aspire to inspire as a company that has its finger on the pulse of technology. We helped others see into the future with the company. We used sector accomplishments as proof points, not as representations of divisions or separations. We showed technology to sell technology. We were bold in employing graphics and the red corporate color.

Define boldly, inspire forward, unite sectors, relate with technology—it was only a ¼ turn from what they were doing to what this campaign accomplished.

Often we find that our really excellent clients already do most things brilliantly, but there are some places where a little change, a small shift in communications language or focus (a ¼ turn) can make a world of difference in perception, understanding and action.

The six editions were timed to coincide with other actions within the company, or to help support other business development efforts.


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