Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast: Event Marketing and Coalition Building

The Audience:
Regional Leadership, Key Partners, Investors and Potential Investors (Public and Private), Chambers, Municipalities, Business Owners/Managers in Brevard County Florida.

The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast developed the plan with significant input from a cross-section of stakeholder leaders; but this still represented a very small constituency in an effort that would require much more to carry it forward—a wide-based truly collaborative initiative crossing lines, including where the abiding attitude was competition, not cooperation.

The Strategy:
Conceive and execute A PACED ROLLOUT, a series of community introductions, AUTHENTICALLY GROWING THE CIRCLES OF INFLUENCE.
Create core groups and grow them through natural connections, expanding circles like a pebble thrown in a pond. Simplify, communicate and TEACH TENETS of the plan so DIALOGUE EASILY OCCURS and all serve as ambassadors for the effort—teach others, reach others.

Always illustrate MUTUAL BENEFIT, based on business development, marketing communications and community improvement efforts to BECOME MORE COMPETITIVE.

The Results:
BUILDING TRUE CONSTITUENCIES—actual working and authentically connected groups—is a methodical, strategic effort. It can take a long time under the best of circumstances.

But in our world today, the need is to get our best options in action now, with our most powerful talents, knowledge and influence working in tandem TO SOLVE OUR TOUGHEST CHALLENGES, TOGETHER.

We understand COHESIVE VOICE, its power and how to grow it. We know how to take difficult concepts, simplify, communicate and create constituencies with momentum.

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