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Yes We Can

YES WE CAN MAKE GRAPHICS. YES WE CAN MAKE POSTERS. YES WE CAN SEND A MESSAGE. YES WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. IT’S BEEN DONE BEFORE. As America faces one of the hardest economic times in recent history, advertisers must change the voice of their brand. ‘Excess’ and ‘bling’ are no longer cool. The new message is about frugality, giving back and being part of the solution. Advertisers who understand this—who see it as platform for their brand and how they run their business—will be able to maintain a place in the market.

Check out this website highlighting WWII era posters that showcased Americans as hardworking, industrious, patriotic people during a similar time in American History.
(Note: this page seems to load more quickly in Internet Explorer than in Firefox.)

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