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New Options for Google Search

Google has added some of the tools that have been in beta testing to their main search page.

None of these tools are perfect or do all the work for you, but they do provide alternative ways of organizing results that make it easier to find both what you’re looking for and content related to what you’re looking for.

The next time you search for something on Google, click the “Show options…” link near the top…

That will give you access to new filters and views:
New Google Search Options
It can filter out links that are too old, show additional text or images, show related queries, or create a timeline of your query.
Google Timeline
Another cool thing is the Wonder Wheel, which allows you to branch from relation to relation:
Google Wonder Wheel
I went from U.S. Civil War to the Revolutionary War to the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution to its Amendments. This tool (along with Related Searches) is good because you can identify better keywords than what you originally used, which is one of the hardest parts of searching the web: you have a general idea of what you find, but don’t know exactly how to express it.

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