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Get that unpublished book out of the drawer

HERE’S A WEBSITE THAT IS ATTEMPTING TO HOOK UP READERS WITH WRITERS. It’s called and if you want to see how your writing is received by potential readers, here’s your chance.

Here’s the significance (IMHO):
—Trying to do for text what YouTube did for video.

—Another example of how the distribution of information is changing because of the low cost of production. Books used to be expensive to produce, so only a relative few were published. There were lots of hoops to jump through to get there: impress an agent, get the book read at a publisher, get an editor to champion the author. This created a filtering system where only the best (or at least the most potentially profitable) books were published. With SCRIBd anyone can publish anything and it’s up to the rating system to decide if it’s any good.

—This is also a smaller player (SCRIBd) trying to keep Amazon and Google from cornering the market on online books.

—But for an author who has a book that would have a readership too small for a traditional publisher to buy, this offers a way to target that small audience and get the publication in front of eyeballs.

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