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Creating a Healthcare Social Media Marketing Plan

A good friend of mine recently had a lightbulb moment, where she proclaimed, “I realized social media marketing isn’t any different than traditional marketing. You still need a plan, it’s just a different method of delivery.” I could have hugged her! That’s a key point that many people miss—and who can blame them?

With all the bell and whistles in the buzzword-filled industry, it’s easy to hop from one trend to the next. But it’s in that crazy mix of hype and results that the true professionals rise apart from the rest. The real experts know that it’s not about following the ‘next big thing’, but about leveraging and riding what’s working now, always keeping an eye on the horizon for change. Staying nimble is the name of the game.

According to Dan Dunlop from “The Healthcare Marketer” blog, looking exclusively at social media tools is ‘really putting the cart before the horse’. Below he lists a rough outline for a social media marketing plan, which basically mirrors a traditional marketing outline:

1. Identify Goals and Objectives
2. Market Analysis (trends, needs, competition, best practices, etc)
3. Social Media Components/Implementation (including integration with traditional campaign)
4. Assessment and Allocation of Resources
5. Monitoring and Measurement

Check out his blog for ten more in-depth steps you should take when getting started, including: Participate, Culture/Preparedness, Target Audience, Objectives and Goals, Desired Outcomes, Toolbox, Integration, Plan Resources, Measure, Monitor and Policy.


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