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Madison Avenue Quality without the Overhead and Drama.

Samuel Havelock Jr has endorsed your work at Brandt Ronat & Co..

Details of the Recommendation:

“As a founder of an Aerospace start-up firm, I received a recommendation to seek out Ryan and Linda specifically, and the firm Brandt Ronat + Co. from a venture capitalist I was working with. I remember the comment “Madison Avenue Quality without the Madison Avenue Overhead and Drama. My firm then competed off a number of other marketing firms arriving at BRC as our primary and only marketing partner. Their “Analytical Creative” process very quickly arrived at the very essence of my firm’s brand, and their easy going, hardworking, and exceptionally creative expertise was exactly what we needed to differentiate our new brand in the crowded aerospace segment while also providing a platform for growth going forward.

I don’t think we could have made a better decision even if we had included Madison Avenue firms, which interestingly, was a comment that one of BRCs references mentioned to me in a phone interview. He being the marketing director with a large budget for a Major Defense Prime and stating he had used both famous Marketing Firms and BRC, with Ryan, Linda, and the entire BRC team performing far better and far more quickly than anyone on Madison Avenue.”

Service Category: Marketing

Year first hired: 2011

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Samuel Havelock Jr., (U.S. Navy SEAL Officer, Program Manager – Special Boat/Combatant Craft PMO, U.S. Special Operations Command)



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