There is an old saying:

“half of everything you spend on advertising is wasted, you just don’t know which half.”

We are here to help our local customers by providing a performance-based, conversion-linked advertising expense

 (no cost until a customer walks through the door and makes a purchase) with the added benefit of supporting our community nonprofits.




+ Personalized ad performance measurement utilizing state-of-the-art technology to
ensure your advertising is working.

+ “Conversion Based Advertising” means you only pay if a customer buys!

+ Monthly budget capping and reporting.

+ Take advantage of a nonprofit ad network not currently offered within the market.

+ Supports nonprofits by allowing them to monetize their web presence.

+ Customized ad placement options that best align with your customer target profiles.

+ Understand who your customers are with greater detail by obtaining an expanded
demographic profile.

+ Ad impressions are NO COST to the advertiser.







For further information or to inquire about getting started in this mutually beneficial program

Contact Ryan Brandt // Brandt Ronat + Co // Ryan@brc60. com or 453.3101

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