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Over the past couple of years Brandt Ronat has partnered on various projects for adperio, operating as a collaborating agency developing strategies, concepts, campaigns and the digital deliverables necessary to support their digital network for various clients. In 2013 adperio engaged Brandt Ronat on behalf of Blockbuster to develop a series of digital campaigns to support outreach using the adperio ad network. As the resource for this initiative, Brandt Ronat collaborated with the Blockbuster and the adperio team out of Denver, CO.

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Many of Harris Corporation’s high-level customers only interact with a single division, creating an awareness gap of the full capabilities of the company. While the company is widely respected, it is not as widely understood—which is true of many of our greatest corporate contributors.

BR+C’s challenge was to close the gap.

Our assignment was to bring divergent capabilities together in one campaign, as one Harris, provide that wider cohesive view and deliver it to a hand-picked, highly cultivated list of Harris prospects and visualize those messages in a special opportunity—a series of (6) 8-panel Coverwraps for Forbes Magazine.

We looked at the globally competitive market in key Harris arenas. We analyzed best communications practices by competitive or similarly divided companies. We discovered best practices in defining, uniting, inspiring and relating to customers. We talked to Harris division leaders.

From our examination, diagnosing and strategy assessments, we create a single threaded visual approach—a visual metaphor for the Harris entity as a whole. We elected inclusions that helped us all aspire to inspire as a company that has its finger on the pulse of technology. We helped others see into the future with the company. We used sector accomplishments as proof points, not as representations of divisions or separations. We showed technology to sell technology. We were bold in employing graphics and the red corporate color.

Define boldly, inspire forward, unite sectors, relate with technology—it was only a ¼ turn from what they were doing to what this campaign accomplished.

Often we find that our really excellent clients already do most things brilliantly, but there are some places where a little change, a small shift in communications language or focus (a ¼ turn) can make a world of difference in perception, understanding and action.

The six editions were timed to coincide with other actions within the company, or to help support other business development efforts.


  • 100% of survey respondents claim “recall” of the Harris Corporation Coverwrap. Average scores in business and trade magazines fall in the 30-40% range.
  • 89% of survey respondents said that the Coverwrap program helped them learn more about Harris Corporation’s range of products and services.
  • 83% of survey respondents said in the future, they would consider purchasing Harris Corporation products and services based upon the information provided throughout this Coverwrap program.

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Serving the Space Coast, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Viera, Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Miami, FL in addition to Colorado, Washington DC, Georgia, Wyoming and surrounding areas.

The Space Report

The Space Report: An Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity is a globally respected academic book on the impact (economic and other) of the international space enterprise.

We helped the Space Foundation develop the blueprint (or inaugural edition) of this global positioning communication document in 2006. This effort, for Space Foundation’s D.C. Research & Analysis division—helping with the content development through research and creative, design and editing, imagery development, production and other qualitative recommendations through to delivery of a perfect-bound book, web extracts, complete e-book, and searchable CD Rom—required the best we offer in the analysis and development arenas, to drive the right kind of messages in the right kind of vehicle to drive the right kind of attention to this subject and this organization.

The Space Report is a five-month intensive effort that brings together industry analysts, peer experts, financial investment specialists, academics, editors, writers, researchers and designers.

A Space and Aerospace History

We have a long history with Space Foundation, first serving on the team rebranding National Space Symposium in 2000, subsequently helping to inaugurate Strategic Space Symposium, working with the educational division on Space in the Classroom and other projects, developing The Case for Space (a critical collateral piece to inspire people about space exploration), and serving on the core development team for the Coalition for Space Exploration during a critical political period.

Additionally, we have assisted Space Florida with rebranding and visioning efforts and continue to serve the Florida Space Day committee.

Brandt Ronat + Company
Marketing | Advertising Agency ‘Communicate Better’

Serving the Space Coast, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Viera, Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Miami, FL in addition to Colorado, Washington DC, Georgia, Wyoming and surrounding areas.

Our Families Our Future

The Challenge:
In Wyoming at the time of this project, 133,360 residents were living at or below the TANF poverty guideline.
43,081 were children.

Most of these children were supported by a single parent, and most were women.

Our job was huge, to create—in a single grant year cycle—a program to identify, discover, convince, educate and train these single moms into job internships and then higher paying jobs–across the state of Wyoming–and make that program sustainable at the end by the year, eligible for follow-on grant awards.

Our Constituency: Single moms raising their children in poverty.

Our Audience: For participants: we went underground to the places they could be found, to reach those who don’t want to be found and are hardest to serve. We ADVERTISED IN UNUSUAL PLACES, like laundromats and grocery stores, and restrooms of nightclubs—with perf-off phone numbers for those both hard-to-reach moms.

STATEWIDE RADIO AND NEWSPAPER buys and other outreach connected women to training offers.

For business partners: we worked with the Governor’s Office to create BROADCAST that showed incrementally (child care, groceries, housing, transportation, healthcare) just how much money it took for a real mom with real children in a real Wyoming town to survive. Those examples helped us realize many new participant businesses and organizations.

THANK YOUS went a long way to gaining both new partners and new participants—showcasing both the providers and our working women climbing out of poverty.

The core of the program, from a sustainability standpoint, was the development of a WEB HUB–with resources and participant secure data, program stats, marketing materials and other resources–which literally allowed program leaders to set up an internet connection and with one computer on a FRIDAY and be up and running serving the local moms by MONDAY.

The Results:
Training, jobs, GEDs, significantly higher wages for many moms.

JOB INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS in construction, construction site truck driving, and medical transcription, lots of business partners providing internships, HEALTHIER FAMILIES and HEALTHIER COMMUNITIES.

WON $1M FOLLOW-ON GRANT AWARD ANNUAL SAVINGS TO THE STATE OF WYOMING—in food stamps and other programs, as well as eliminated incarceration–is conservatively estimated as $4.5 Million/year.

National Space Symposium- Rebranding and Marketing National Conference

Our recent work for Marty Hauser and the Space Foundation Washington, D.C. Office of Research & Analysis has been to recommend, create and develop The Space Report. Since the first annual in 2006, we have worked on this picture of the $250+ billion global space industry, having helped produce every one of these internationally respected annuals.
With Jim Jannette, starting in the first year of this relationship, we helped Space Foundation revamp the approach to marketing National Space Symposium (NSS). This is an example of our creative work tied to real revenue increases:
By rethinking theme development, graphics, promotional collateral, advertising, attendee recruitment methods, web-based functions, on-site branding, participant way-finding, event dynamics, staging, sponsorship fulfillment, exhibit hall messaging and materials, and on-site next-symposium sponsorship and attendee recruitment, we upgraded the conference.

salesfloorLIVE Tradeshow, Website, Brand & Collateral Development / Retail

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Brandt Ronat was pleased to support Mindspot Research and their client salesfloorLIVE™

salesfloorLIVE™ is a dynamic, innovative business intelligence tool for the retail industry. They provide business intelligence solutions that work in combination with people counting software and technology to deliver real-time visibility to store operations, traffic opportunities, individual and team KPI metrics, performance-based scheduling and predictive analytics.

•the ability to supercharge the effectiveness of your existing people counter
•real-time data & visibility to your store operations
•access from all levels of the organization
•integrated performance-based staff scheduling capability
•rationale for timely and relevant strategic actions
•increased sales staff productivity
•optimized store labor schedule to the sales (traffic) opportunity
•technology design that works with a multitude of traffic and customer counter systems
•the ability to measure performance against objectives
•up-to-date KPI trend comparisons across the entire hierarchy of your chain
•predictive analytics to drive higher growth in customer value
•remote accessibility to all authorized users
•sustainable organic growth through increased operating expertise
•tools to stay on top of your customers’ buying trends
•transparent accountability
•the ability to understand what is working and develop best practices

Let salesfloorLIVE™ give you the power to improve your store operations, optimize your customer relationships and maximize your profits.

Brandt Ronat + Company
Marketing | Advertising ‘Communicate Better’
Serving the Space Coast, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay, Viera, Brevard, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Boca Raton and Miami, FL in addition to Colorado, Washington DC, Georgia, Wyoming and surrounding areas.

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